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In the world of real estate, a lot or parcel of land represents a captivating piece of Earth, destined for ownership by an individual or a group of owners. This parcel of land takes on different titles in various regions, known as real property in some places and immovable property in others, essentially embodying the same concept. Potential stewards of such a plot can include individuals or legal entities, be it a company, corporation, organization, government, or trust. This dominion over a plot often takes the form of a "fee simple" ownership arrangement in select regions.


Furthermore, when we encounter a diminutive expanse of land, adorned primarily by a smooth pavement or similar enhancements, typically dedicated to a singular purpose and maintained in a uniform state, it's not uncommon to refer to it as a "plot."

Many properties possess clearly defined boundaries, often meticulously documented, though these demarcations may not necessarily manifest visibly on the terrain itself. In many cases, even relatively small lots are typically depicted and assessed as if they were situated on a perfectly level, unyielding plane, disregarding the Earth's inherent curvature.


The residential plots for sale in Gurgaon are avaliable in the price range of ₹44.3 Lac - ₹8.64 Cr. The popular localities to buy a plot in Gurgaon are Sector 110A, Palam Vihar, DLF City Phase 1, New Palam Vihar, DLF City Phase 3 .


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