Builder floors, often referred to as individual floors, represent distinct residential units thoughtfully erected on designated plots. These individual floors are meticulously crafted within residential townships, primarily on plot sizes ranging from 180 square yards to 1000 square yards. A builder floor defines residential units that offer an independent living experience and typically exist as elegant low-rise structures with two to four floors. Each floor within these buildings provides an exclusive dwelling to its occupants, ensuring an unrivaled sense of privacy and comfort.

Advantages of Builder Floors

A builder floor epitomizes the epitome of privacy for its inhabitants, be they owners or tenants.These residential gems, thoughtfully arranged in clusters, foster an enriched sense of communal living.Builder floor structures are fortified with a vigilant 24/7 security system and comprehensive CCTV surveillance, guaranteeing the ultimate in safety and tranquility for their residents.

Famous Builder Floors in Gurugram:

Aaron Ville, Vipul World, Uppal Southend and Malibu Town provides luxury facilities.


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